Tuesday, October 21, 2014

BUYERS BEWARE - Counterfeit World Series Tickets

Yesterday, the Overland Park Police Department was contacted by a local ticket broker who said someone was just in their business trying to sell fake World Series tickets to an unsuspecting buyer.

The potential buyer went to the broker hoping to have the tickets authenticated. The broker told both of them the tickets were counterfeit and they soon left the store.

The ticket broker called the police and officers were able to make contact with the individual selling the fake tickets. Detectives were called in, and through their investigation, a total of four individuals were arrested for selling the counterfeit tickets.

Three of the four suspects came here from New York, and the other one is from Atlanta. The tickets were sold to victims through Craigslist or in person. We believe there are other victims out there who may have bought bogus tickets from these individuals.

Anyone who believes they may have purchased counterfeit tickets from these individuals are asked to call the Overland Park Police Department at (913) 895-6300.