Thursday, November 20, 2014

OPPD reminds drivers - Don't Drive on the Shoulder

Please, don't do this.

The Overland Park Police Department continues to receive numerous complaints from motorists regarding drivers who intentionally drive on the shoulder in order to avoid traffic congestion and lane reductions.

Please be patient while navigating road construction on northbound U.S. 69 Highway, from 119th Street to College Boulevard.
 Motorists are reminded that using the shoulder of a highway is illegal. Officers will continue traffic enforcement at this location on a regular basis.

The exit lane is clearly marked and should be easily differentiated from the shoulder.

Officers understand motorists become frustrated by slow moving traffic and then drive on the right shoulder in order to exit at College Boulevard.

Besides violating the law, driving on the shoulder is very dangerous, not just for you, but other motorists. Highway shoulders are designed specifically for emergencies, such as disabled vehicles or stranded motorists.

Officers have been conducting increased enforcement in the construction area over the past few days and will continue until the project is completed.e Kansas Department of Transportation
#KCTRAFFIC is repairing and replacing the surface of the U.S. 69 bridge over I-435 to improve your safety and travel.