Monday, December 22, 2014

Watch Out for This Green Lincoln

This morning we received a call from several witnesses who stated they observed three to four blacks males crawling underneath cars in the parking lot. The suspects were seen driving around in a sage-green four-door vehicle, possibly a Lincoln with a sunroof. They were wearing dark clothing and ski masks.

Officers discovered there were three victims at that location who were now missing the catalytic converters from their cars.

That particular vehicle was also seen on two other dates this month which resulted in another six victims along the Metcalf corridor. Suspects in those thefts are described as three black males wearing all dark clothing. The driver of the suspect vehicle had a full beard and one passenger was wearing a black ski mask. 

 Please be on the lookout for this vehicle prowling through the busy parking lots. Please don't approach them but rather call us as soon as you see it.