Friday, January 2, 2015

They Took Them To Go

The holiday season was all hustle and bustle for most people and the same was true for those using all that shopping rush as a cover for stuff they shouldn’t be doing.  Thus was the story of two subjects involved in a “grab and run” style shoplifting incident on December 16, 2014 at one of our local shopping centers in 6700 block of 135th Street.  

They were in and out in a blink; taking with them over $1100 worth of merchandise.  Now we’d like your help trying to identify them.

The male and female in the attached pictures entered the business just before 7pm on the date referenced.  A store loss prevention officer observed them browse briefly through merchandise before the male grabbed approximately fifteen (15) North Face hooded sweat shirts from one of the hanging racks and ran from the store.  The female with him did not select anything, but followed the male out of the store.

The two left the scene in a waiting dark grey Chrysler 300, which appeared to have been driven by a third person.  The vehicle had tinted windows, what were described as custom style rims and displayed an unreadable temporary Missouri license plate.
Grab and run style crimes don’t always stay as a simple property crime.  These types of events happen with such haste that there is always a risk that an innocent shopper might be walking in while someone’s running out, or worse, driving out in a hurry.  Let’s see what we can do as a team to stop these two before something has a chance of ending like that.

Take a look at the pictures of these two.  Maybe you know who they are.  We’d like to know too.  We’re asking anyone with information on the identity of these individuals is asked to contact the Overland Park Police Department at Detective Byron Pierce at 913-535-3193.